Kaileigh & Savanna’s Favorite Books

Kricketsea of StarsDarken the stars

This was the first series I read by Amy Bartol. The covers intrigued me and it was recommended to me by Audible. I had no expectations for these books nor did I have any biased obsession with Amy Bartol’s books.

These books have Romance, adventure, & aliens? We are taken to another planet called Ethar. Why? Because their long lost priestess (Kricket Hollowell) was taken to earth and hidden for 18 years. Some Etharians felt it was time for her to go “home.” Now, just because she was wanted back doesn’t mean she willingly left the only home she ever knew. Earth. No, this orphaned young lady from Chicago fought them ever single step of the way. Once in Ethar, she quickly discovers that many want her and all for different reasons. She aligns herself with the group of violet eyed soldiers that brought her to Ethar. They only want to protect her from the violent people of Ethar that want her only for her abilities & who would only use them for their own personal gain. Who will get this Beautiful Priestess and what will they do to her? Find out by reading this very enchanting series. On my scale of stars 1 to 5, Amy’s Kricket Series gets a solid 5 from us. Amy Bartol did a great job of pulling you in and allowing her characters to connect with us in a way I have never been before.



Word to the wise when reading this series, “Anyone can betray anyone.” That motto stays true to these books. You never really know who you can trust. Following a blood mutation that has divided the humans between Red & Silver Blood. Reds who get treated as like dirt and Silvers who have superhuman abilities. The Country’s Ruled by a silver king, in a never-ending war with the Lake Landers sending Red soldiers to fight a Silver war.  Mare Barrow introduces the world a new type of mutation. Will this start a much needed revolution for the Reds or will the Silver bloods win the fight to hide her?




A Song of Ice and Fire series (currently and HBO Hit television show) brings you to a new world filled with warriors, kings and queens, dragons and magic. George R. R. Martin is a literary legend. He creates an entire world that will have you laughing (or crying) from one chapter to the next. A must read for anyone who enjoys betrayal, heartbreak, loyalty and love. These books have it all!



Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is a classic. This story may seem simple but don’t let that fool you. F. Scott Fitzgerald leaves many things open to your imagination. Hidden details and plots can be found through the entirety of this book. It’s a must read for any book lover.




The Lunar Chronicles is a series of fairytale retellings with a twist. This isn’t your typical Cinderella. Set in New Beijing China, Cinder is a Cyborg. She is a very talented & Highly skilled mechanic. Times are tough.The Earth is not only fighting a horrible plague called Letumosis, they are being threatened by the “Evil Queen” and the Moon people who are called Lunars. Join the resistance! Follow Cinder, as she picks up allies in Scarlet, Cress, and Winter in order to attempt the start of a revolution.
In Fairest, learn the background the Evil Queen Levana. Was she born evil, or was it her up bringing that made her the monster she is?’
Stars above is a collection or short stories and insight on the beloved characters.



Throne of Glassthrone of glass2

The Throne of Glass series is a MUST READ Series!!! Celaena Sardothian stole my heart from page one and has held it in her clutches ever since. She sends you on a wild ride through dangerous missions and across seas to mythical lands you can’t even begin to imagine. I am at a loss for words with this series because words cannot express how much I have enjoyed these books. I am forever changed and I have Sarah J. Maas to thank for it!



Fangirl**spoiler alert** Possible spoilers—- beware!!!This was a solid 5 stars to me. I loved everything about this book. I loved the dynamics between Cath, her twin Wren, and her dad. It left you raw with all the trips to the ER, and Cath having to hold everyone together the best she could. She basically had to grow up really fast. Taking care of her dad and worrying about Wren. All the while trying to be a college student. So She cacooned herself in the fictional world of her favorite characters ; playing in their world never going on to have her own adventures. And then there was Reagan and Levi. Reagan was a good friend to help Cath in making her leave her comfort zone. Then there was Levi who found his way into her heart…. Levi’s impact on Cath was so great and I love how it all came together. Anyways I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend this to anyone who loves to read.




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