Hopeless by Colleen Hoover



After Reading Colleen’s November 9, I immediately drove to Barnes and Noble and picked up a few more of her books. She is an amazing writer. Colleen lets you think that you are aware of whats going on, and what is to come. Then she rips the rug right out from under you. Then she gives your  false sense of security that everything is ok. Yeah okay everything is going well ,but wait…. There is still over 100 pages left to go…. well thats never a good sign. Hopeless was yet another roller coaster of emotions that will leave you feeling raw. I can honestly say this book rocked me to my core. Again I feel that If I give you too much I will ruin the experience that comes from reading one of her books. I will say that we follow Sky a girl in high school who meets a very dark and dangerous looking Holder. He is the heart throb of this story and oh my…. Listen to me, Just read this book. TRUST ME…. It will hurt you so good.

Happy Reading-



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