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It Ends With Us – Review

We’re doing a joint review for this one. I’m apparently a stone cold bitch…I loved this book, like many people, but it didn’t destroy my soul. I’m going to spoil this so stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens…

…can I start now? Ok!

It’s about abuse. Lily’s father abused her mother. Through her entire childhood she swore she would never be in an abusive relationship…until she was. In comes Ryle. The gorgeous, sweet, neurosurgeon who steals your heart right before shoving it down the stairs. Literally. But let’s not forget about Atlas! The homeless boy who lived in the abandonded house behind Lily’s. Where the fuck was he? We get these flashbacks of their youth then he goes into the military…then poof…gone. Until one day he’s back. I thought he’d stay and have a bigger role but he didn’t. Once again, he disappears. But returns at the end? What? I loved Atlas – more than Ryle. I would have liked for him to have made a bigger dent in these pages.

I’ll say…I loved this book. It made me laugh, made me cry, made me think. It was amazing! I highly recommend this book to anyone who needs a good read.

– review by Kaileigh

I too loved this book. So Kaileigh recapped so I am not going to. From the beginning I fell in love with Ryle. He’s funny, he’s a neurosurgeon, and he’s gorgeous! I mean come on….  Thats what women want right? Hot, Rich, funny….
That first push in the kitchen completely crushed my heart. I think that shocked me more than it shocked Lily. Then she forgives him because I mean because everybody gets 1 right?  I mean her logic had me forgiving him. Even though I had the same mentality she had…. (If he hits me one time… I am gone.) She had me understanding why she stayed. Coming up with excuses as to why it happened. “It was an accident..” “He didn’t mean it..” “It was my fault…” Never in a million years did I think I could forgive a man for hitting a woman. Granted this is fiction…. but still. I loved Ryle. I gave him another chance.

But then the stairs happens…. And I lost it. I felt so betrayed by Ryle…. I was so angry at him… At Lily…. At her father…. At myself even. Because I forgave him that first time.

And then the reading of Lily’s Journals where we meet Atlas… Lily’s knight in shining armor and vice versa. Oh I loved Altas…. I too wish he had more of a part in Lily’s story.
To have someone hang on to a love so deeply just gave me all the feels. He waited patiently for her to gather the courage to leave, and made himself available to her if she ever needed him.

Lily’s best friend, Lyle’s sister Issa…. She is a true friend and I adored her. Her part may be small. But I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge that she told her friend like it was even though Ryle was her brother.

So all in all this was a great book. It is definitely worth the read. It will tug at your emotions and really make you think… What would you do?  Leave? You think so?

Review by Savanna

New Tattoo- Elentiya

So last night I got a new tattoo which was inspired from Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas. 

Those who haven’t read her books… I recommend them. You should read them!!!! Anyways… Celaena is a notorious assassin who is always having to fight for herself… For her friends… For her country. So her best friend gives her a name to use when hers get to heavy. “Elentiya… Spirit that cannot be broken.” 

I decided to get it because I struggle a lot in my life but I keep fighting and try to keep my head up. I love it dearly. My reminder to always be strong. 

Movie Review- Suicide Squad

For those of you who live under a rock Suicide Squad is a film about a bunch of super villains that have been recruited by the government to do some good. If they refuse well…. They die. If things go bad the government can just use the squad as a patsy. It’s a win win for the government.  

I went into this movie with no expectations. I never really read comic books or obsessed over Harley Quinn. That being said I love all the Marvel and DC movies. That said, I absolutely loved this movie. It does spend quite a bit of time introducing each character to you, but as someone who didn’t know much about them to begin with it was really nice. But once the story goes along we meet the Enchantress who becomes my favorite witch villian. Yes!!! For witches!!! I love witches.  

I thought Margo Robbie did a great job as Harley Quinn. She was funny and made believe her level of crazy. I was even more surprised by Will Smith’s performance as dead shot. I’ve always been a fan of his but wow he did really well in this film. There was a lot of action and it was absolutely hilarious at time. I really enjoyed this movie and recommend it to anyone who loves to watch super hero movies. 

The only disappointing part of this movie was I wish we had a little more time with the joker. Jared Leto was really fun to watch. I mean Heath Ledger will always hold a special place in my heart as joker. But Jared Leto did a great job! All in all I give this a 7 out of 10 stars.

Go see this movie while you still can!!!!! 


We’re giving away two signed copies of It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover!

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08.14.2016 Fire Meet Gasoline – Sia

Today’s song is another one by Sia. I love her voice. She’s so raw. I can feel the emotion dripping from her lips as she’s serenading my ears. She’s simply amazing and I would love to actually meet her one day. That being said…moving on…

For me, this is one of my favorite love songs. I see it as two people who are so perfect together that they feed off each other. Fire and gasoline. One cannot exist without the other. 

I picture two lovers entwined; loving each other with everything they have. Their hearts, souls and spirits as one. It’s beautiful to have someone to share these feelings with. I have the fire to my gasoline and I’m holding on for dear life!

08.13.2016 Stressed Out – Twenty One Pilots

I’ve done a song for my oldest baby and one for my youngest. Now it’s time for my middle baby. My mini me. Evan!

There is never a dull moment with this child. For instance, in the car today this song came on the radio and my crazy, confident child sang every word. He LOVES this song. 

He is so much like me it’s scary. He even looks just like me. We’re both crazy, imaginative, wild and when it comes to music…well…we don’t care who’s watching. We will sing and dance until we drop. 

Look at that face!! He wanted to be Beast Boy for Halloween 🙂 (Teen Titans Go version)

I can’t hear this song without thinking of my little cuddle bug. He’s the other half of my crazy stick. 

What song makes you think of someone near and dear to your heart?!

08.12.2016 Eat You Alive – Limp Bizkit

This song completely ruined me…or saved me, however you want to look at it. 

I first heard this song on MTV, back when watching music videos on MTV before school was still the cool thing to do. I remember stopping dead in my tracks and watching the entire video without moving an inch. Fred Durst never looked so good. 

This probably explains the dirty wife-beater and sweat fetish I have…

Oh this song. I LOVE IT. Actually, that would be an understatement. This is by far, hands down, without a doubt my favorite Limp Bizkit song. Break Stuff is a close second but still…not first. 

If you haven’t heard this song, please, stop what your doing and listen to it. Now! It’s a Limp Bizkit love song. You can trust me…I wouldn’t do you wrong. 

Gets me every time…I’m going to wipe the drool off my chin now. 

Through the Zombie Glass – Review

Through the Zombie Glass is the second book in the White Rabbit Chronicles. Remember those invisible zombies that feed on human souls? Well they’re back…and I love it!

This book picks up where Alice in Zombieland left off. Alice and Cole are flirting even more but now there’s a new guy…Gavin.

Oh my wonderful Gavin, how I missed you so. * Personal opinion* Ally should dump Cole and be with Gavin. He’s so…bad. 

In this book, Ally is a bigger badass than before. One thing I loved about this book is that Alice isn’t perfect. She makes mistakes, big ones. But she learns from them. #truestory (read the series and you’ll understand) 

This book is a great read and I recommend it to anyone who loves zombies, ass kicking or straight up awesomeness!