It Ends With Us – Review

We’re doing a joint review for this one. I’m apparently a stone cold bitch…I loved this book, like many people, but it didn’t destroy my soul. I’m going to spoil this so stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens…

…can I start now? Ok!

It’s about abuse. Lily’s father abused her mother. Through her entire childhood she swore she would never be in an abusive relationship…until she was. In comes Ryle. The gorgeous, sweet, neurosurgeon who steals your heart right before shoving it down the stairs. Literally. But let’s not forget about Atlas! The homeless boy who lived in the abandonded house behind Lily’s. Where the fuck was he? We get these flashbacks of their youth then he goes into the military…then poof…gone. Until one day he’s back. I thought he’d stay and have a bigger role but he didn’t. Once again, he disappears. But returns at the end? What? I loved Atlas – more than Ryle. I would have liked for him to have made a bigger dent in these pages.

I’ll say…I loved this book. It made me laugh, made me cry, made me think. It was amazing! I highly recommend this book to anyone who needs a good read.

– review by Kaileigh

I too loved this book. So Kaileigh recapped so I am not going to. From the beginning I fell in love with Ryle. He’s funny, he’s a neurosurgeon, and he’s gorgeous! I mean come on….  Thats what women want right? Hot, Rich, funny….
That first push in the kitchen completely crushed my heart. I think that shocked me more than it shocked Lily. Then she forgives him because I mean because everybody gets 1 right?  I mean her logic had me forgiving him. Even though I had the same mentality she had…. (If he hits me one time… I am gone.) She had me understanding why she stayed. Coming up with excuses as to why it happened. “It was an accident..” “He didn’t mean it..” “It was my fault…” Never in a million years did I think I could forgive a man for hitting a woman. Granted this is fiction…. but still. I loved Ryle. I gave him another chance.

But then the stairs happens…. And I lost it. I felt so betrayed by Ryle…. I was so angry at him… At Lily…. At her father…. At myself even. Because I forgave him that first time.

And then the reading of Lily’s Journals where we meet Atlas… Lily’s knight in shining armor and vice versa. Oh I loved Altas…. I too wish he had more of a part in Lily’s story.
To have someone hang on to a love so deeply just gave me all the feels. He waited patiently for her to gather the courage to leave, and made himself available to her if she ever needed him.

Lily’s best friend, Lyle’s sister Issa…. She is a true friend and I adored her. Her part may be small. But I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge that she told her friend like it was even though Ryle was her brother.

So all in all this was a great book. It is definitely worth the read. It will tug at your emotions and really make you think… What would you do?  Leave? You think so?

Review by Savanna


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