The Kiss of Deception by Mary E Pearson

I actually Listened to this book. First I want to say that this was well done, the narrators are fantastic. This is by far one of my favorite Audiobooks. Please forgive misspellings of characters names, as I didn’t actually “read” them.


So in this Book we meet Princess Lia on her wedding day. She is the First daughter of the King of Morrighan. Being the First Daughter in Morrighan is

Very special indeed.. The First daughters are known to have special gifts. Her Father the King, is using his daughter to make an alliance with a younger Kingdom of Dalbrec.

Our Princess Lia defiant of being “sold” to make an alliance with another kingdom she doesn’t care to be. Lia and her Maid Pauline decide to make a run for it.

On her way out she steals these ancient books from The Kings Chancellor. The Girls Try to live in hiding in a small town. But she is hunted by bounty hunters sent by her father.

She meets these handsome young men (of course they are handsome) One is an assassin sent to kill her, and the other is her jilted prince.

So who will find her first, and what will they do when they Find her??? This book is very full of love and lies. And Lia is on the verge of uncovering some life changing secrets.

Its very good and worth the read! The writing is fantastic, I was completely sucked into this amazing world. She is so descriptive and she captivates you with her words.


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