Movie Review- Suicide Squad

For those of you who live under a rock Suicide Squad is a film about a bunch of super villains that have been recruited by the government to do some good. If they refuse well…. They die. If things go bad the government can just use the squad as a patsy. It’s a win win for the government.  

I went into this movie with no expectations. I never really read comic books or obsessed over Harley Quinn. That being said I love all the Marvel and DC movies. That said, I absolutely loved this movie. It does spend quite a bit of time introducing each character to you, but as someone who didn’t know much about them to begin with it was really nice. But once the story goes along we meet the Enchantress who becomes my favorite witch villian. Yes!!! For witches!!! I love witches.  

I thought Margo Robbie did a great job as Harley Quinn. She was funny and made believe her level of crazy. I was even more surprised by Will Smith’s performance as dead shot. I’ve always been a fan of his but wow he did really well in this film. There was a lot of action and it was absolutely hilarious at time. I really enjoyed this movie and recommend it to anyone who loves to watch super hero movies. 

The only disappointing part of this movie was I wish we had a little more time with the joker. Jared Leto was really fun to watch. I mean Heath Ledger will always hold a special place in my heart as joker. But Jared Leto did a great job! All in all I give this a 7 out of 10 stars.

Go see this movie while you still can!!!!! 

Movie Review- The Longest Ride


As a woman who has always loved a good Romance story, I am no stranger to the magnificence that is Nicholas Sparks. Although sometimes he can be a little cheesy, he knows just when and how to tug on your emotions. I went into this one with normal expectations of a Nicholas Sparks Film. What I mean is, I have my box of tissues next to me, and a hot cup of tea to keep me calm.

Oh this movie was so great. I loved every minute of it. This love story is about two people coming from different worlds that come together. When two people are so completely different, all you have in common is the love you share for each other. Thats when we reach that million dollar question. Is love enough? Would you sacrifice everything you wanted for yourself for the one you love? Following these two couples Sophia, a lover of Art who is moving to Manhattan at the end of the summer, meets striving Bull Rider Luke. Struggling to find how they will fit in each others lives. They meet Ira with his box of memories of his beloved Ruth. Watching these two love stories was so beautiful, and I strongly recommend to lovers of romance. Now if you haven’t seen it, this is where I leave you. The next paragraph will have spoilers.


So oh my goodness… How often this movie brought me to tears goes to show how well the story was written. Sophia and Luke are a great modern version of the city girl falls for the handsome cowboy, and I love them. Their fight to figure out how to be together when each had their own dreams and desires. Each not asking the other to give up on their dream. Until Sophia found out the extent of Luke’s injuries. But Luke was fighting more to prove himself he could do still ride, than the love of winning and becoming the best. Sophia willing to walk away from Art for her Luke, winds up not having to thanks to Ira.


What truly inspired me was the love between Ira and Ruth. The way that Ira loved her, with everything he had. His whole world revolved around her, and nothing made him happier then just being with her. She loved Art so much and drug him around to all these art events, and he loved how much she loved it. So he would buy her all those lovely paintings. sigh…. Then when he discovered he couldn’t give her children, he tried to let her go because he knew how much she wanted them. But Ruth wanted Ira more than the children. Ohh…. I cried. As time went by the craving Ruth had for children grew and grew and eventually she couldn’t take it anymore. When she told Ira she was leaving…. Ira didn’t beg her to stay he just told her that all he has ever wanted from the moment he saw her was for her to be happy. When she walked out the door… I lost it!!!!! Watching him carry on without her was just awful. Oh The agony of having the person you love leave you because they’re unhappy. But Ruth came back and she remembered that Ira was more important to her than having a big family. Ira was all the family she needed. Watching them collecting art and growing old together was so sweet. I loved it. AHH!!!


When Luke bought Ira’s portrait of Ruth he was given the all the beautiful and expensive art that Ruth collected over the years. I cried…. Even in death… His Ruth meant more to him than anything. Ira and Ruth will always hold a special place in my heart. All around it was a great movie. On my star scale, I give this one a 7 out of 10 stars.7stars

Movie Review: Unfriended



This was a movie I went into with the lowest of expectations. I mean just watch the trailer and you will know what I mean. It looks absolutely ridiculous. No seriously, if you haven’t seen the trailer, stop what you are doing and go watch it. I’ll wait……



You see what I mean…. Ok so brief summary. This movie is about a group of friends in High school I suppose. One of the friends kills themselves due to a horrible video released that went viral at her school. (Bullying is a serious matter) Anyways….  Laura Barnes kills herself. On the anniversary of her death, her group of friends hop on a Skype group video chat…. Only… there is someone else in the group chat. After many failed attempts to remove this creepy stranger. The group just decides to carry on ignoring the mystery person. Until the Mystery person makes himself/herself known..Who is this mystery person??? Is it someone playing a joke????? What do they want???  You will have to watch the movie!!!! But The mystery guest wants to play a game… a game of truths. How will the game end? Okay if you don’t mind spoilers please continue… This movie is just awful but its also very entertaining. Would I pay to watch this movie? Probably not, but if you’re home alone, or having a movie night with your significant other, or a girls sleep over and its free…. Sure!!! I say give it a try. If nothing else, you will laugh at it.

If you mind spoilers… this is where I leave you, and you should come back when you’ve seen it.



Ok this movie is horrible but it was also very entertaining. I don’t know about you, but It was really interesting being the “fly on the wall” sharing the screen with Blair as she was in the group chat, surfing the net, and talking to her boyfriend. However, Each time a friend killed themselves, I couldn’t help but laugh. I mean they didn’t show much as to what was happening, but what they did had me laughing my ass off. I mean How did Ken’s face actually fit in this blender?!?!?!?! And How in the world did Val die? She was in the laundry room. Tell me why the police didn’t pick up the laptop to see all of those “witnesses” Seriously!!!! Then we have Jess’s death DEATH BY CURLING IRON IN HER THROAT!!!!!! I literally shouted “No!!!” I know that shit hurt. I cry out when its my damn finger! Can you even imagine the painful death that poor girl endured?! It was really terrible. I mean each death was even more ridiculous than the last.

As awful as I thought this movies was, I couldn’t tear my eyes away. I can’t say for sure that I didn’t like it. As far as the cheesiness of this movie it was horrible! Was I entertained? Yes…So On a scale of 1 to 10 stars, I give it a 4 for at least keeping me engaged throughout the movie.