08.14.2016 Fire Meet Gasoline – Sia

Today’s song is another one by Sia. I love her voice. She’s so raw. I can feel the emotion dripping from her lips as she’s serenading my ears. She’s simply amazing and I would love to actually meet her one day. That being said…moving on…

For me, this is one of my favorite love songs. I see it as two people who are so perfect together that they feed off each other. Fire and gasoline. One cannot exist without the other. 

I picture two lovers entwined; loving each other with everything they have. Their hearts, souls and spirits as one. It’s beautiful to have someone to share these feelings with. I have the fire to my gasoline and I’m holding on for dear life!

08.13.2016 Stressed Out – Twenty One Pilots

I’ve done a song for my oldest baby and one for my youngest. Now it’s time for my middle baby. My mini me. Evan!

There is never a dull moment with this child. For instance, in the car today this song came on the radio and my crazy, confident child sang every word. He LOVES this song. 

He is so much like me it’s scary. He even looks just like me. We’re both crazy, imaginative, wild and when it comes to music…well…we don’t care who’s watching. We will sing and dance until we drop. 

Look at that face!! He wanted to be Beast Boy for Halloween 🙂 (Teen Titans Go version)

I can’t hear this song without thinking of my little cuddle bug. He’s the other half of my crazy stick. 

What song makes you think of someone near and dear to your heart?!

08.12.2016 Eat You Alive – Limp Bizkit

This song completely ruined me…or saved me, however you want to look at it. 

I first heard this song on MTV, back when watching music videos on MTV before school was still the cool thing to do. I remember stopping dead in my tracks and watching the entire video without moving an inch. Fred Durst never looked so good. 

This probably explains the dirty wife-beater and sweat fetish I have…

Oh this song. I LOVE IT. Actually, that would be an understatement. This is by far, hands down, without a doubt my favorite Limp Bizkit song. Break Stuff is a close second but still…not first. 

If you haven’t heard this song, please, stop what your doing and listen to it. Now! It’s a Limp Bizkit love song. You can trust me…I wouldn’t do you wrong. 

Gets me every time…I’m going to wipe the drool off my chin now. 

08.08.2016 Sick With It – Brysi

One thing you need to know about us…we’re gamers. Mainly Call of Duty but we do branch out. But today I’m focusing on our COD careers. 

Today’s song is from my “Gaming” playlist. Bryan “Brysi” Simon is a genius when it comes to video game parodies. I have about twenty of his songs in my library. This one is one of my favorites. He takes popular songs from today and turns them into video game gold. All My Teammates Really Suck, Staring Down The Barrel, I Got a Bow, Dropping Nukes. He’s amazing. Brysi also has his own original songs. He even wrote the song for the Titanfall commercial, “Standby for Titanfall.”

When Onceuponatimer8 and HEXGIRLZRT make it in your lobby you’re in for a surprise. Two girls gossiping and singing all while shutting everyone down. Come on, look at that K/D ratio!!! 

We’ll run you down, steal your weapon then kill you with it. And the whole time we’ll be smiling. When we get together the shit talking comes out full force. We have come across some pretty foul players and we managed to shut them up real quick with our lovely southern lady mouths. 

When I’m playing COD it’s impossible to go without listening to at least one Brysi song. Especially this one! Although, Staring Down The Barrel is my all-time favorite because it’s about the gun I use, the Bal-27.

We have a system to our madness. We have plans and strategies. We have our zones of defense. When it comes to COD, we’re a force to be reckoned with. We even have special code names for specific plans.

We even dominate Clan Wars! The Shake & Bakers will throw you for a loop! 

Let’s turn on the Brysi and start playing!!

08.07.2016 Never Scared – Bonecrusher (Football Remix)


It’s football time. Yeah, once again it’s on!!!

Ladies and gentlemen football season is nearing and little leagues everywhere are starting practices. Living in Texas there is one thing we take to the extreme and that’s football.

Both of my boys are playing this year. I’m so excited. However…I’m not looking forward to spending seven hours at the football field every Saturday but it is what it is. 

Our team is a legion that can’t be stopped. We’re gonna go for the gold till we reach the top!

My boys look so adorable in their practice gear. We’ve already had football camp and have started practices four days a week. Yes, you read that correctly. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday my boys work their butts off for two hours preparing for this season and hoping to make it all the way to the Super Bowl. Little leagues in Texas have a Super Bowl complete with cheerleaders and a halftime show. Hey, I said we take it to the extreme. Football is a religion to us Texans. 

This song has been part of my hometown’s football rituals for as long as I can remember. When this song comes on in the locker room before a game, every single player gets in the mood to smack someone. Obviously I don’t play football but this song makes me want to start tackling people. I can’t tell you how many highlight reels have been created with this song in the background. 

Come to my town during football season and you’ll see a new breed of monster.

We ain’t never scared!!

08.06.2016 Ghostbusters – Ray Parker Jr.

Who doesn’t know this song? Seriously? Is there anyone out there that hasn’t heard this song? 

I recently watched Ghostbusters 2 (my favorite of the series) and that thought occurred. Is there anyone out there that doesn’t at least know about this song. 

Why the second movie is my favorite I can’t really explain. Pink slime that makes people angry. An evil spirit in a painting. The whole idea of using Oscar as the vessel. It’s all so intriguing. One of my favorite parts is when they are testing the slime with music…obviously. Oh and when the Titanic arrives. “Better late than never.” 

I hear this song and all I can think of is Bill Murray, pink slime and ghosts. What’s not to love!

I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!

08.05.2016 Follow You – Bring Me The Horizon

Protect yourself, the love is spreading.

Today’s song is another one by Bring Me The Horizon. This entire album is simply amazing. One thing I love about this band, they aren’t typical. They believe that music changes throughout time, so their own style should change as well. This is by far my favorite album of theirs. 

This song is about love. Blindly following the one you love just because you want to be with them. 

The song even says, “so you can drag me through hell if it meant I could hold your hand.” 

Love is a funny thing. It makes you do or say things you normally wouldn’t. It has the power to drive a sane person crazy but can also make an insane person think clearly. Love can make you feel like anything is possible. You don’t need money or possessions to make you happy as long as you have someone to love with every fiber of your being. 

…and that’s what this song means to me. To love someone like the air you need to breathe. 

08.04.2016 Runway Walk – Demrick

Today’s song is for my little boo boo. She thinks she’s a super model.

When this song comes on she starts prancing around the room like she’s on a runway. Look at that face! She’s taking this way too seriously. 

She’s constantly grabbing my phone to take pictures of herself and posing. She tells me, “Momma, I’m beautiful!” And I agree with her whole-heartedly. 

The other day, I bought her a new “sparkle” hat and then caught her in my bedroom staring at herself in the mirror.

So, this song is for my beautiful, crazy, smart and funny little girl. I hope she never loses that confidence!

08.03.2016 I Mean It – G-Eazy

Oh where to begin…this song gets me going. This was one of the first songs I showed Savanna in an attempt to bring her over to the dark side. It worked!

I could listen to this song on repeat and still not get enough. The beat, the lyrics…just plain amazing. 

…My response to the above statement…


I want to untuck the rest of his shirt…with my teeth. In my best Janice voice, “You love me, Gerald. You just don’t know you know it.”

08.02.2016 Laffy Taffy – D4L

I’m taking you on a trip down memory lane. Back to when I first discovered my love of rap. And I only have one guy to blame…Matt…

This guy right here unintentionally unleashed my inner beast. This was my now husband’s best friend in high school. That being said, I tagged along quite a bit. Every time we were left alone in the most awesome 1986 K5 Blazer EVER he would crank up the volume and turn on this song. 

I fell in love!

You could hear us before you could see us. Windows down, two 15 inch Rockford Fosgate P3’s, Infinity tweeters…we were the epitome of cool. To this day, I hear this song (among others) and immediately I’m transported back to being 16 and free!